The capital city of Bavaria is a place where you never see anyone crossing the street on the red light, and yet it has a very laid back, almost Mediterranean atmosphere. The “shining Munich” – so Thomas Mann – is a city where Franz Kafka repeatedly wanted to move to. It has always been attractive due to its enormous concentration of art, literature and theater of all kinds. Quarters such as Schwabing were completely ran by the local boheme. That is why this city was the only place in Central Europe that had something of Paris in itself.

Come to visit the Jewish Museum, the synagogue built in 2006 consisting of the Western Wall replica, the University with the exhibition of the student group White Rose that was spreading protest leaflets against Hitler in Munich and all around Germany (the only such protest action in Germany during the war), as well as the Olympia Parc, where 11 Israeli Athletes were attacked and later murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the Olympic Games in 1972; we will see the house in which it happened and a newly built memorial with an exhibition nearby.

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