In the Footsteps of Franz Kafka

…While in the living room Hermann Kafka and Karl Hermann, the father-in-law and the son-in-law, fought for the further existence of the Prague Asbestos Races, he was lying beside, locked behind the door, the responsible "shareholder" stretched to the canapis and bored.

Prague Tour in the Footsteps of Franz Kafka... in the city where he spent most of his life and which prevented him from going out. From where he was supposed to go to Berlin, a city where modernism reigned, and where he would have been able to feed on literature.

The three hour tour takes us to the places where Kafka was born, where he lived, wrote and worked. On the way, we will talk about Kafka's work and life; what was the nature of his friendship with Max Brod? Was it a friendship at all? How and when did Kafka write? Is everything really true about it? Was he an introvert? Vegetarian? Zionist? Was he afraid of women?

How is it that the world, without its work, we can hardly imagine today? By telling about Kafka we will also breathe the fascinating and yet binding atmosphere of Prague at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the time of the rehabilitation of the places where Kafka lived. We will finish the journey at the New Jewish Cemetery near Kafka's tomb ...

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